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Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) UAS Flight Operations and Training

Flight Operations and ISR Services Capabilities
L3’s philosophy is to provide a “systems of systems”, or complete systems approach, in meeting our customer’s ISR requirements. The breadth of L3Harris Unmanned Systems’ expertise encompasses our highly experienced leadership and flight operations team, routine collaboration across multiple L3 divisions delivering extremely capability ISR, and support from highly experienced external partners with exceptional credentials in deployed Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operational services. This expansive and highly qualified team is poised to rapidly respond to the most demanding ISR requirements to provide immediate and comprehensive multi-Intelligence contractor operated ISR services with our mid-tier UAS. The Unmanned Systems UAS ISR Services team offers more than 40 combined years of UAS operational experience in both benign and combat operations, deployed overseas or within the continental United States.

L3Harris Unmanned Systems’ ISR Services leverage our fleet of mid endurance Viking 400 UAVs to provide our most discriminating Customers a variety of high quality intelligence products including high resolution Full Motion Video (FMV), Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), and signals Intelligence.  L3’s expeditionary UAS capability enables the Customer access to the highest quality ISR products with the lowest personnel and logistical footprint at an extremely affordable price. L3 ISR teams vary in composition depending on mission requirements, but typically include a site lead, mission commander, UAS Pilots, Mission Payload Operators, mechanics, technicians, and logisticians. L3Harris Unmanned Systems successfully draws upon the experience of several L3 divisions for supply chain and global reach back support.

The Unmanned Systems' Viking 400 Group 3 UAS provides an excellent payload development and test Unmanned Aircraft platform. The aircraft’s modular design and open Interface Control Document (ICD) is an ideal vehicle to support a wide variety of customer payload tests and integration designs developed in collaboration with our engineering and flight operations team.

Training is the foundation of all successful Unmanned Aircraft System programs. As an industry leader in training and simulation, L3 values the importance of high quality UAS training. This philosophy is instilled in every Unmanned Systems instructional course in UAS flight operations, payload operation and maintenance training as we train the highest quality UAS pilots, operators and payload specialists on the Cutlass and Viking 300/400 remotely piloted aircraft. We maintain a highly acclaimed UAS syllabus that includes five weeks of academic instruction, part task training, and practical flight training using state-of-the-art computer based and instructor-led classroom training.